Here Piggy, Piggy

Crazy For Chickens

I feel I have to start my writing about chickens. Now as a child we always had chickens, we raised some for eating and always had laying hens. Though I do recall a special fondness for a few hens (yes I did kiss one or two as a child), I was much more into the horses and dairy cows. When I got married I moved away from my family and into town for the first time, and after living in town for about seven years ( maybe it was sooner) I started getting crazy for chickens. I researched and read all kinds of things about chickens. But then I started to buy them and bring them back to my parents farm, they needed new ones! At least that’s what I tried to convinced them.

Now that I live closer to my family again, I am working on a few breeder pairs. I have a Bresse pair that are supposed to be far superior meat birds and I will separate out in about a month to get hatching eggs. And I have a Cream crested legbar pair that will get separated as well.

My goal is to have plenty of meat to eat, and all the eggs we need in every egg color out there!



Calving Season 2017

A new calving season is beginning! Unfortunately, instead of nice firm ground, it is raining. Everything is turning into a muddy mess!

We are hoping for 20 healthy babies and I will post pictures as they arrive. Our bull is a registered Red Poll. As a breed, they are known for their calving ease and good mothering qualities. So here’s hoping for nice sunny days and easy births!

Feb.6th heifer

Our first 2 babies are half Red Poll heifers. Healthy and happy!